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Joseph Tacopina is the President, Chairman, and a board member of Venezia Football Club., a world renowned Italian soccer team founded in 1907.  Tacopina is also the former President of Bologna Football Club, and former Vice President of A.S. Roma, a Serie A Italian soccer team.

Tacopina grew up in Brooklyn, New York and began his career as a Brooklyn District Attorney before he went on to form his own law practice. In representing many athletes over the years, his lifelong passion for sports was ignited which prompted him to become a certified NHL and NFL sports agent.

Tacopina was part of the American consortium to become the owner of A.S. Roma, and became a board member in October 2011 where he played a major role in the management of the Giallorossi, also holding the role of Vice President of the club.   He resigned from the Board of Directors and as Vice President of Roma in September of 2014 and eventually assumed the post of President and Chairman of the Bologna Football Club.

During his brief time with Bologna Football Club, the home attendance nearly doubled to over 18,000 which is just under the average 23,000 in attendance for a Serie A team.  Additionally, within the first two months of him as President, the club went from ranking ninth in October 2014 to third in December of 2014. This rapid advancement in the standings gave them a chance at one of the three promotion spots.  In October 2015, Tacopina along with a group of American investors announced the purchase of Venezia F.C.

Tacopina came to Venezia with the intent of moving to Serie A and in his first season as President and Chairman of Venezia, he earned promotion to Lega Pro, the governing body of the third highest football division in Italy and a passageway to Serie A.  obtained former professional footballer, Fillipo Inzaghi as the manager of the team, a significant advancement towards their goal of Serie A.

Tacopina’s plans for the future include a new stadium complex that will accommodate 28,000 near Marco Polo airport with modern food services and team merchandise that will significantly expand the capacity for fans. It has been evident that Tacopina brings the right mix of sound business logic that has revived the club and its fan base since he took over the club.

Since his involvement with Italian football and in particular, his acquisition of Venezia, Tacopina has become a leading figure in Italy and has received enormous praise and recognition for his involvement and accomplishments. Notably, Tacopina was presented with the prestigious Carlino d’oro award for his outstanding contribution to Italian football.  He is also the only President of two Italian football teams to win a championship within one year.

Tacopina was a featured speaker at Palazzo delle Federazioni Sportive Nazionali in Rome, and this year’s Global Sports Summit in Aspen, Colorado.  In addition to being the President of Venezia F.C., Tacopina also currently serves as a Governing Body Member of the exclusive forum Global Sports Summit – the only cross-industry convergence of professional team Owners and CEO/Presidents from the NFL, NBC, MLB, NHL, MLS/European Football and other professional leagues around the world.  Recently, the New York State Commission for Social Justice®, the anti-defamation arm of the Order Sons of Italy in America® has awarded Joseph Tacopina The Man of the Year (2017) for his business achievements, contributions to society and representing Italian Americans in a positive manner.